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order starting yesterday at 6:00'. all businesses required by state law to be closed. most folks have either gotten out of town or they're hunkering down, although a lot of folks here are still sticking around. i'm little bit surprised by that because yesterday i was talking to the governor of delaware. and he was saying that yesterday -- keep in mind this was around 4:00 yesterday in the afternoon. he was telling me that at that point in time, it was just as bad as hurricane irene and we were still so many hours away from getting the heart of hurricane sandy. so it is still 350 miles away from us, the center of it at least. lots of road closures here. the bayside in particular already seeing some significant flooding. there is going to be a mandatory travel ban essentially in effect for this area of rehoboth beach starting at 5:00 a.m. this morning. local law enforcement says they are not going to be taking any chances. they are going to be turning around everyone. nobody is going to be allowed to be driving on the streets except for law enforcement personnel. and hopefully us the me
, they include multiple countings of attempt -- counts of attempting to kill a law enforcement officer and acts of terror. >>> a police officer is accused of trying to murder a man he was arresting. prosecutors say in september, sergeant johnnie riley arrested a man on suspicion of stealing a motorcycle. now despite being handcuffed the suspect escaped from riley's custody and ran down the street. prosecutors say riley abused his authority by shooting the man in the back. >>> the former president of penn state university is facing charges related to the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. graham spanier and two otherred a min tray stores are accused of participating in a conspiracy to cover-up the abuse. all three men are due in court to be formally charged later today. >>> coming up on 4:37. here's a look at the other stories making news now. the cia says it rushed security teams within 25 minutes of the start of -- u.s. consulate -- the bombing at the u.s. consulate in libya in september. the response team took control of the mission to evacuate u.s. personnel but despite the effort, ambassador
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2